Penfolds “Grange” Bin 95 Shiraz
 South Australia
 must have
 ChinaHong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Hero Notes:

The cornerstone of Australia’s fine wine story – and regardless of where you sit in the ‘What-is-Australia’s-greatest-wine?’ debate – there is little argument that this is Australia’s most collected and revered label. Starting life as both an experiment and a secret, Grange was first produced in 1951,  and then commercially released from the1952 vintage onwards. Modestly, Grange has only had three winemakers to date: originator Max Schubert; John Duval and the current encumbant, Peter Gago. Sometimes referred to as a paradox among fine wines because of its multi-regional sourcing, Grange is an example of house style triumphing over provenance, and has a critical and commercial record that is the envy of both the Old and New World.

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